Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poll Results and New Poll Question

Poll Results and New Poll Question

In a non-scientific poll posted on this site, you were asked:

As of June 30th, traffic fatalities are down 39% in the city of Toronto compared to last year. This is most likely the result of:
Increased road safety awareness = 28%
Paramedics and ambulance personnel = 0%
New legislation for alcohol and aggressive driving = 40%
Pure Luck = 40%
(I know...doesn't add up to 100%, multiple answers were allowed.)

I don't think that there is any luck involved with this least I certainly hope it isn't luck. I believe that the other three options play a huge role in this significant decrease. There has certainly been more road safety awareness over the last year, due in large part to some significant new legislation. But, we certainly can't overlook the amazing job that our paramedics and ambulance services do. When you look at the magic hour of trauma victims, the better the initial care and transport to a hospital, the greater the chances are for survival.

Finally, don't sell yourselves short! I say that road safety is everyone's responsibility, but it starts with you. Many of you must be taking that to heart because without your alert and attentive road use there would be no success!

New poll question:
Since the new sanctions for drinking and driving (Warn Range Suspensions) were enacted on May 1, 2009 do you:

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  1. I'm so glad road safety has increased since last year, hopefully this trend will continue. By the way, I like the message of this post - start with yourself. A little off topic but it reminds me of the song "Man in the mirror".

    Regards, Julie.