Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poll Results and New Poll Question

The results of the most recent poll are in and it is not a surprise how each class ended in the voting. In a non-scientific poll posted on this site, you were asked:

What class of road user is the most dangerous?

Automobile (car, light truck, van etc.) = 35%
Bicycles = 35%
Commercial Motor Vehicle (big rigs, buses) = 5%
Motorcycles = 8%
Pedestrians = 10%
Other wheel device (skateboard, roller blade) = 2%

Once again, missing some percentage...I suspect some people are trying to vote multiple times from the same computer.

It's interesting that automobiles and bicycles shared top spot. Depending on what you read, bicycles account for only 5% of the commuter traffic in Toronto yet they are seen as being just as dangerous as cars. I also found it amusing that we were willing to label pedestrians with 10%. I guess people were being really honest or missed the fact that we are all pedestrians, or have the attitude that 'other pedestrians' are the problem, not me!

OK, here is the reality of the poll and one anonymous poster got it and made the comment on this blog. "The class of road user who is the most dangerous is the one that pays the least attention to the task at hand. :)".

A mode of transportation in itself is not dangerous. The people who operate the vehicles determine the danger by their ability, skills, knowledge and attention.

Don't judge an entire class of road user by the choices or behaviours of a few. What we all need to do is ensure that each one of us pays attention, limits all distractions, obeys the rules of the road and cooperates with one another.

Road safety is every one's responsibility.


School returns on Tuesday September 8. When is the best time to teach children road/bus safety?

Now while there is less traffic around school zones.
On the first day of school.
When there is an event that provides a teaching point.

You can let us know by voting on the right side of this blog.

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