Friday, July 24, 2009

Poll Results and New Poll Question

In a non-scientific poll posted on this site, you were asked...If there were an on-line reporting process for you to report driving complaints and neighbourhood traffic concerns would you...

Not report anything = 0%
Report from home = 67%
Report from my handheld device = 32%
Go to a police station to report = 0%

(if you are looking for the other one percent, which is a change from the normal 2% missing, refer to the top...'non-scientific'.)

Thanks for the response! We'll call it 100% for argument sake, want the ability to be able to report with convenience. No one indicated that they want to report to a police station. Can't say I really blame you.

With those kind of results, I believe we have a strong case to take to the powers that be to see if we can move into the world of on-line reporting. Stay tuned...

New poll question:
As of June 30th, traffic fatalities are down 39% in the city of Toronto compared to last year. This is most likely the result of:

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  1. Hard to continue to drive like a maniac when the police take your care for seven days, isn't it!

  2. You would think so, but I just got word of a guy who just got his second seven day suspension in under two months. I have to look into it more, but there might be a good story to let everyone know about.

  3. Having online reporting would be great. I cant tell you how many times i've been sitting on my front porch or walking through my neighborhood and see one or more drivers thinking my neighborhood streets are their local race track. It's insane and it needs to stop before a pedestrian gets hit or worse.

  4. I agree...hopefully there will be some movement in the near future to make the reporting process more user friendly.
    Thanks for the comment Teedot!