Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poll Results & New Poll Question

In a non-scientific poll posted on this site, you were asked:
Since the new sanctions for drinking and driving (Warn Range Suspensions) were enacted on May 1, 2009 do you:

Drink less if you are driving: 50%
Ensure there is a designated driver: 7%
Rely more on taxi, transit, limo: 7%
Haven't changed my behaviour: 35%

Once again there is a missing one percent...I really wish I knew were it keeps disappearing to.

This is a good news poll in my opinion. I love hearing that people are making the decision to drink less. You know the response of all police officers and road safety advocates...if you drink, don't drive. The designated driver is a great option as long as they stick to no drinking. Just like transit, taxi's and limos, putting the driving in the hands of a sober person is an awesome choice.
I hope that the people that haven't changed their behaviour are the ones that never drink and drive in the first place. If it is the alternative, I hope we meet real soon and not by accident.

That brings me to the new poll question for the week. Recently there have been several high profile investigations involving every class of road user. So I'll ask you:
What class of road user is the most dangerous?

Automobile (car, light truck, van etc.)
Commercial Motor Vehicle (big rigs, buses)
Other wheel device (skateboard, roller blade)

You can let me know by voting on the right side of this blog.


  1. The class of road user who is the most dangerous is the one that pays the least attention to the task at hand. :)

  2. Hey...sounds like someone is after my job. Well said!!!!

  3. Most dangerous to whom?
    To themselves, or to others?

  4. themselves, to others, to your interpretation of what you think I am looking for.
    I left it wide open so that it would be a 'first thought' answer.

  5. To the first point, the distracted driver continues to be the most dangerous on the road, so much so that Alberta recently enacted new legislation to curtail this type of activity. Add a luxury vehicle with cellphones, pagers and power-everything and you have a prescription for motorist mayhem.

  6. Hey GZ thanks for the post. Distracted driving is a huge concern! You don't need a luxury vehicle though, any driver in any vehicle that is distracted away from the priority of driving is a danger! This October, the Ontario Legislation to combat distracted driving will start.

  7. as much as i like my cell phone, I have been almost been hit by several motorists as they wander through red lights talking away on their cell phones. driving is a privilege, not a right. Distracted motorists are going to find themselves in an accident, and worse, a law suit. and believe me, insurance companies are not your friends.

  8. Thanks for the comment. Distracted driving never leads to accidents, it leads to collisions. Accidents are very rare on our roads, while collisions are caused events that happen all too often. A collision and the possibility of a law suit are minor compared to the reality of death and the life long pain that is inflicted with that outcome. Great point, thanks again.