Saturday, August 29, 2009

Man, 85, dies after struck by truck

Aug 28, 2009 08:50 AM
John Rieti Staff reporter - Toronto Star

An 85-year-old man who was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition after being struck by a pickup truck yesterday morning, has died, said Toronto police.

Emergency crews were called to Lawrence Ave. W. and Marlee Ave., near the Lawrence West subway station, around 10 a.m. yesterday.

Traffic Services said the victim was southbound, crossing Lawrence Ave. on a green light when a white pickup truck heading north tried to make a left turn from Marlee onto Lawrence, striking the victim.

The victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition and later died.

Police said the motorist remained at the scene to help the victim.

~~Editor's Note~~
This year there have been 22 fatal road collision in Toronto. A staggering 68% of those have been pedestrians that have been killed. 15 lives lost in preventable circumstances. Of those 15, the vast majority have been a result of vehicles turning at intersections.

This is completely unacceptable !

For a driver to strike a pedestrian while turning, it is a sign that they are not aware, observant or taking the care and diligence it requires to operate a motor vehicle on our roads. The drivers just aren't watching what is going on around them and in particularly in the direction that they are aiming their vehicles.

Yes, in some instances the pedestrians aren't doing their part to help drivers when they cross near, but not within crossovers, or cross against the traffic controls.

Also very concerning, are the pedestrians that walk just because they think they have the right of way, or do so without looking first and don't take some simple precautions of their own safety by looking first before they step or fail to continue to evaluate the traffic around them as they move.

The right of way must sometimes give way to the right of weight, since a pedestrian will always be on the losing side of that argument. It is far better to pause for preservation that to continue towards a hospital stay....or worse.

Road safety is ever body's responsibility....but it starts with your own safety and extends to those road users around you.

If we all do our own part and trust those around us to do their part, our roads will be a much safer place.

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