Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Latest Poll Results

In a non-scientific poll posted on this site, you were asked...Should a licence to operate a bicycle on city streets be required? This was the most popular poll question in terms of overall response that we have ever had to a poll question. The results were what I expected:

Yes a written test = 10%

Yes a skills test = 2%

Yes a written and skills test = 32%

No to testing = 54%

(if you are looking for the other two percent, which always seems to be missing, refer to the top...'non-scientific'.)

Thanks for the amazing response! For the 54% that say no to testing, ride safe...for the 46% that said yes to testing, drive safe.

New poll question:

If there were an on-line reporting process for you to report driving complaints and neighbourhood traffic concerns would you?

Vote on the right side of this blog...your opinion and vote matters to us. You might actually assist the Toronto Police with making policy!


  1. Licensing everything is not the answer. What's next? Pedestrian licenses?

    Ticketing unsafe cyclists, red light runners, I can agree with.

  2. The smart alec in me wants to say...pedestrian licences, we might be onto something!
    But lets make sure we are comparing apples to apples. When pedestrians are expected to be on the road with cars, motorcycles, trucks and cyclists then maybe we can look at a basic level of competence and knowledge for them to be on the roadway. Until tests for them.
    Part of the reason why I posted the question is that some cyclists indicated to me that there were really basic rules of the road that they were not aware of.