Saturday, November 14, 2009

Updated Toronto Road Fatality Board

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As you can see, the only two ares that Toronto Fatals have increased over 2008 are Automobile Passengers and Pedestrians as a percentage of the total.
Pedestrians represent almost 65% of the total of road deaths.
A few words of advice for all pedestrians:
Be Bright, Be Seen, Wait for the walking person to appear, Cross the street like your life depends on it.
Child Safety Tips

- Be aware of traffic signals, but never completely rely on them.
- Always ask for help in retrieving toys and/or pets which go out into the road to avoid risk of injury.
-Children should not play close to parked and/or moving vehicles.
- Children are small, unpredictable and have difficulties judging vehicle distances and speeds accurately.
- Crossing guards are there to assist pedestrians across the road, obey their signals
- Always use crosswalks to cross the road. Drivers are more likely to see you when you cross at designated crosswalks.
- Look all ways before crossing the street. Be alert and pay attention to on-coming traffic at all times.
- Make eye contact.
- Be bright. Wear bright colours or reflective clothing at night to make yourself more visible to drivers.
- Play in a safe place and keep away from parked cars. Drivers cannot see you in between cars.

Senior Safety Tips
- Be Watchful. Watch your step when getting on or off an escalator. And if your vision is impaired, take the elevator.
- Be Attentive. Use proper escalator posture -- stand at the center of the step facing forward, always holding the handrail. Watch out for loose clothing which may catch.
- Be Refreshed. Avoid leaning on the handrail or resting your foot on the escalator's side. If you're tired and feel unstable, use the elevator.
- Be Sensible. If you're holding too many packages, use the elevator. Anyone balancing packages can lose their balance. Your packages will fall and so might you.
- Be Wise. Escalators are for people on foot, unaided. People who need cane or walker assistance or those pushing a carriage or wheelchair should always use the elevator.
- Be Considerate. Quickly step away from an escalator at the end of your ride. Remember there are people behind you waiting to get off. They'll bump into you and possibly knock you down if there is no where else to go.
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