Monday, November 16, 2009

Top 10 Pedestrian Collision Intersections

In an attempt to continue to raise awareness for pedestrian safety, here are the top 10 Toronto intersections where collisions have occurred as a result of vehicles making right turns making contact with pedestrians crossing with and without the right of way, resulting in serious injury.

1.) Bathurst St / Finch Ave W
2.) Birchmount Rd / Sheppard Ave E
3.) Bathurst St / King St W
4.) McCowan Rd / Sheppard Ave E
5.) Yonge St / Finch Ave E
6.) Sheppard Ave E / Parkway Forrest Dr
7.) Dundas St W / Spadina Ave
8.) Weston Rd / Finch Ave W
9.) Gerrard St E / Main St
10.) Bloor St W / Lansdowne Ave

A few tips for pedestrians to help protect yourself.
- Before stepping onto the road ensure that there is no traffic in the process of commencing a turn.
- Cross only with the right of way.
- Even if you have the right of way, try to get eye contact to ensure you are being seen.
- Continually asses your safety as you cross.
- Wear light coloured or reflective clothing.
- Cross the street as if your life depends on it.

A few tips for drivers to help protect pedestrians.
- When you do not have the right of way, come to a complete stop before turning.
- If you see a pedestrian near the corner, assume first that they will be crossing and proceed cautiously being ready to stop.
- Tap your horn to alert pedestrians to your presence.
- Never try to 'beat' a light or squeeze past a pedestrian.

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