Sunday, April 5, 2009

Don't put away your winter driving skills yet!!

Environment Canada's prediction for Toronto over the next 72 hours is not what you might call 'ideal' for safe roads. But, with preparation and information, you can still be a safe driver even if the roads aren't perfect.

1.) Leave yourself extra time by heading to where you need to be earlier than normal. A great rule of thumb is 1.5X the normal travel time.

2.) Leave extra space around you by increasing your following distance. 3-4 seconds is a great choice. Notice it was time...not feet.

3.) Gas, brake and steering need to be applied gently. Change lanes slowly and only when necessary. If you find your tires have lost traction remove the input that you are using and reapply gently. If you can not regain control full braking...stop your vehicle. (Basic driving)

4.) When stopping at intersections begin the process well away from the your intended stop position. Be prepared to stop well away from the intersection and slowly roll to where you need to stop.

5.) Scan for, identify and predict potential problems. There should be no surprises when using our roads.

6.) SLOW DOWN !!!!!!!!!!

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