Thursday, February 18, 2010

Public Safety Alert, Pedestrian safety advice

Toronto Police News Release

Public Safety Alert, Pedestrian safety advice

Broadcast time: 10:34

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Traffic Services 416−808−1900

Pedestrian deaths on our roadways have represented a greater percentage of all traffic fatalities over the last few years. To ensure pedestrian safety, police would like to remind the public of their responsibilities crossing the roadways.

To lawfully cross a signalized intersection with pedestrian controls, you may only enter the roadway when the walk signal is illuminated for your direction of travel.

It is illegal to enter the roadway if the “do not walk signal” is flashing or is solid.

When there are no pedestrian controls, you may only enter the roadway on a solid green signal for your direction of travel.

Where there are painted lines on the roadway indicating either a pedestrian crosswalk or pedestrian crossover, you must cross within those lines.

It is illegal to cross a street mid−block and interfere with traffic.

The Toronto Police Service is encouraging pedestrians and motorists to be alert and and take the necessary steps to ensure their safety by following these tips:

− cross with traffic controls and be cautious when crossing any intersection,

− pay attention to surroundings when entering and leaving TTC vehicles,

− make sure you are visible; wear bright or reflective clothing,

− make an effort to get eye contact with drivers before stepping off the curb,

− be patient and courteous and respectful of all road−users,

− cross on a fresh signal, watching out for vehicles turning across your path.

Pedestrians have the same responsibility as motorists to follow the rules of the road and not compromise their safety or that of any road users. No matter who has the right of way,pedestrians should always be prepared to stop, look and listen for other traffic to avoid a collision.

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