Saturday, February 6, 2010

Public Safety Advisory; Drinking and Driving

Broadcast time: 11:28 Friday, February 5, 2010

Traffic Services 416−808−1900

Public Safety Advisory Drinking and driving

Drinking and driving remains the number one criminal cause of death in Canada. In Ontario, approximately one−quarter of all road fatalities are alcohol related. Over 16,000 people in Ontario are convicted criminally for drinking−and−driving−related offences.

The Toronto Police Service recognizes the danger that drinking and driving pose to all our citizens. We are vigilant in our measures to recognize, intervene and deal with those people who endanger us all.

This weekend the Service will increase its efforts to protect the people of Toronto with multiple RIDE spotchecks and patrols targeting those who drink and drive. The message is, and always will be, “If you drink, don’t drive.”

We would also remind everyone that choosing a responsible option to driving is the first step. Public transit, designated drivers, taxis and hotels are all excellent choices.

It is also worth noting that walking while intoxicated is extremely dangerous. Many pedestrians have been seriously injured or killed from walking, stumbling or falling into traffic.

As a reminder, if you see someone who appears to be, or you know is driving, or about to drive, impaired call 9−1−1 immediately. The life you save could be your loved one.

Constable Isabelle Cotton, Public Information, for Sergeant Tim Burrows, Traffic Services


  1. Another idea for people who want to drink this Superbowl Sunday is to keep track of how much they're consuming. There's a company down the road in Waterloo, I think, that make tools for social drinkers. I bought a software App from them called BAQ Tracker Mobile ( It has actually been benchmarked against police breathalyzers and was co-developed by a forensic toxicologist. Its not illegal to drink and drive but with Ontario's .05% BAC law you need to be REALLY careful. Be safe and drink smart...

  2. Up front I have to say that I do not support that advice at all. I believe that if you drink, you don't drive...pretty simple and straight forward. I don't understand why anyone would take the chance.

    I have seen many times people who have every intent of only having a couple but end up having many more, or the people who think they are fine to drive, only to find out after the Judge says, "guilty", they weren't ok to drive.

    Do you really want to trust your licence, criminal record, risk killing someone or yourself on a device that the day it came off the manufacturing table was perfectly accurate but has no calibration balance after that? A device that is made to make profits.

    In the case of a BAC calculator, this measures based on averages not exacts. It doesn't measure how you metabolize, the food you've eaten or not eaten etc.

    Keep it simple....if you drink don't drive.