Friday, October 2, 2009

Poll Results and New Question: Distracted Driving Poll

In our last poll question you were asked:
When is the best time to teach children road/bus safety?

Now while there is less traffic around school zones = 70%
On the first day of school = 0%
When there is an event that provides a teaching point = 30%

The question went up prior to the new school year so those of you that said you would teach your children before the school year had the best idea!
For those who decided that you would wait until there was an event...not the best choice. What if that event you were waiting for involved your child?

There is no better time to educate your children than when it is the safest time to do so in the safest environment. Educating children about road safety should start when they begin to explore away from your side. In your driveway or on the sidewalk in front of your home is a great opportunity to start talking about the dangers of the road, where to cross streets safely and how to cross them properly.

Events that occur can be a great support to your warnings and an excellent teaching point, but you should never wait until something happens to stress safety.

New Poll Question

On October 26th, distracted driving legislation will come into effect in Ontario. What do you think is the worst distraction to driving?

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  1. yaaaaa i dont get this can u explained this in a 1 st grade level