Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poll Results and New Poll Question

In our last poll, you were asked:
What do you think is the worst distraction to driving?
Multiple answers were allowed, so in some votes, all the options were chosen. This week, the votes are not shown by percentages, but instead by the actual number of votes for each.

Hand held phone conversations - 13
Texting / Emailing - 31
Reading - 15
Other people in the vehicle - 5
Eating - 10
Hands free phone conversations - 9

All of the above are distractions. Not surprising were the number of people who view texting and emailing as the number one distraction. I would of thought reading would be right up there, since it takes as much attention away from driving.

I suppose the low number of votes for eating would be some people's consideration that many foods can be consumed without taking away much attention from the road. Although also a distraction, other people in the vehicle can be beneficial as there are more eyes on the road and the driver can be alerted to danger by the gasps of fear coming from their passengers.

When the new distracted driving legislation comes into effect on October 26th police will have the power to charge people with a specific offence which labels the form of distraction.

Here are a couple of tips to help you handle the distractions from electronic devices:
Never use them while driving.
Turn off notifications while driving.
Park somewhere safe if you must use a device while in a motor vehicle.
Use headphones for passengers using entertainment devices.

Do you plan on preparing your vehicle for winter with a maintenance check up and or winter / snow tires?

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