Saturday, May 9, 2009

Top 5 ways to beat police on drinking and driving

With so much more to lose if you are caught driving after drinking, I thought I would give you a hand in beating police with drinking and driving arrests.

These have been proven time and time again.

Even a 'warn range' suspension (breath alcohol between .05 and .099 on roadside) will find you without a licence for 3 days, 7 days, 30 days. These suspensions also go on your drivers record!!

So, needless to say, you need all the help to skirt the police with drinking and driving.
Take these to heart...they work...take it from me. I have seen first hand how effective these are for getting you around the police.

Here are the top 5 ways to beat police on drinking and driving, feel free to share them, please!!

5. ) Use a designated driver - a designated driver decides they will not drink, while allowing you the freedom to do so. A great designated driver doesn't even have a sip, they make sure you can get home knowing their ability isn't influenced by alcohol.

4. ) Take a taxi - Let's the most 40 maybe 50 bucks for a taxi on a long haul trip in Toronto? Go find out how much a tow and storage will cost you if the police impound your car after they catch you...oh yeah, you'll have to take a taxi from the police station home.

3. ) Use public transit - just like the taxi, but a lot less money.

2. ) Phone a friend - hey we all make mistakes. You might have gone out with every intention of not drinking but one thing led to another and well, you know you can't drive. Make the phone call that could very well be a life saver. I'd rather get woken up to give you a ride, then to i.d. you at the morgue.

1. ) If you drink, don't drive !! - Pretty self explanatory...not going to get stopped for drinking and driving, if you don't drink.


  1. kudos on your common sense approach....unfortunately, we all know that common sense really isn't that common!

  2. Taxi's are great, but sometimes it can be more fun to book a limo. If you have more than 6-8 people it's usually cheaper than getting 2 cabs. It's definitely cheaper than getting towed, as you mentioned.

    Most importantly, everyone should try to plan ahead. It's that time of year, if you know you're probably going to have a few drinks at your company Christmas party, don't wait until that night to figure out how you're going to get home. Arrange your way home in advance so you can enjoy your drinks!

  3. I know you aren't allowed to promote this. But I say: RIDE A BIKE! ;)

  4. lol good one! I was thinking WTF? Why would you tell people how to beat a DUI...
    My bad!!!!!!

  5. Hey James, I can endorse bicycles! Great way to get around, but I'd still avoid drinking and riding...really bad combination.