Friday, May 15, 2009

May 5 to 15 Poll Results

In a non-scientific poll posted on this site, you were asked...The new "Warn Range" suspensions are now a reality on our roads. The Toronto Police want you to know our stand is, "If you drink, don't drive". How will the new rules affect your behaviour?:

Will drink less before driving - 8%
Will not drink and drive anymore - 20%
Have never done it before - 70%
Not changing, I'll risk my life, your life and my drivers licence - 0%
(if you are looking for the other two percent, refer to the top...'non-scientific'.)

We are truly grateful and happy to see that everyone has either modified their behaviour in a positive way for road safety or never have done this before.
There has never been more reasons not to drink and drive...your licence, your job, your children...etc. "If you drink, don't drive!"...that is the simple and only message.
Never try to guess how many drinks you can have to be safe...that answer is none.

This weeks question: (Made for cyclists)
May 25th marks the start of the City of Toronto's Bike Month. Do you cycle in Toronto for:
Primary Transportation
Commuting Purposes
I don't...afraid to cycle in Toronto

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