Friday, December 14, 2012

What is your life worth!!!!

Dispatcher: Police, Fire or Ambulance?

Caller: Send everything!!!!!.....

Dispatcher: What is your emergency?

Caller: A car has crashed, it was going the wrong way!!!! People are injured. It looks really bad!!!! Please hurry!!!!

This is the type of call emergency personnel don't want to answer, but it is the type of call that is received all too often. The outcome can be a life altering or life ending event. Alcohol is usually a factor in these types of collisions. The trauma that families of victims and victims themselves face when they or someone they know have been involved is tremendous. In Ontario .080 mgs of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, is the point at which an individual may be charged with a drinking and driving offence. Physical impairment can begin even lower, as a result a charge of impaired operation of a motor vehicle may be laid, if evidence of an offence exists.
The cost for an impaired driving defence is approximately $18,000 (not including taxes).

The total social cost for a fatality in Ontario is approximately $13.7 million.

I ask you, what is your life worth?

Drinking and driving is a choice. The next time you go out, make the right choice, don't drink and drive. Arrange for a designated driver, taxi or use public transit. If you see someone operating a vehicle and believe they are impaired call 911. As a road using community we can work together to put an end to impaired driving. CS~

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