Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Shorty Awards

Well, the Shorty Awards are upon us once again. I love these awards as they really point towards the best that Twitter has to offer.

Last year, @TrafficServices was a finalist for the Nokia Connecting People category which was won by the amazing Shannon Miller. For me, just to be nominated was be a finalist, that was more than I could have imagined.

This year, @TrafficServices has been nominated again, this time in the category, #LifeSavingHero presented by The Weather Channel. WOW!! Nominated again. I give a huge thanks for the nomination. But, me...a life saving hero? Not a chance.

You see, my job with this account is to communicate traffic safety and raise the awareness of the importance of traffic safety in our everyday lives. I sit at a computer for the most part and share information through social media to do that. I type, watch videos, read articles, interpret research and pass the info I see along. Not really a tough job and the biggest risk I face are paper cuts, headaches and vision problems. I go to community meetings and share my passion for traffic safety and try to get people to buy into the importance that traffic safety plays in the lives of each and everyone of us.

But call me a life saving hero? I can't in good conscience live up to that moniker. Here's why.
Looking at my industry of policing, there are men and women everyday who respond to the call for service by going places that they know are dangerous. They deal with people they know wish to do them harm. They investigate the worst that society has to offer and they are willing each and every time the walk out the door to sacrifice themselves to protect you and your family. Men and women who mine the Internet for pedophile's to save victims and prevent re-victimization.

They are life saving heroes.

When I think about life saving heroes, I have to also look at our military service men and women who have pledged their lives to protect us. Who walk into the theatre of battle to stand up for what is right, protect those that cannot protect themselves and to ensure we sleep well and safe at night. The bomb techs and bio-techs that inspect and neutralize bombs and hazardous substances meant to terrorize plague.

They are life saving heroes.

Life saving heroes can be found in hospitals and universities. Doctors that treat the critically injured. Stand for hours with their hands and minds inside bodies to repair damage done through trauma and disease. Researchers that are finding treatments and working towards cures that improve, extend and yes, save our lives.

They are life saving heroes.

Volunteers that at a moments notice, drop everything they are doing, leave their jobs and families behind to work in areas that are devastated by famine, natural disasters, man-made disasters and lands that are controlled to the point the poorest and most needy face death because they can't get water and food.

They are life saving heroes.

Pilots who land damaged planes with hundreds of people on board who are just trying to get back to their loved ones.

They are life saving heroes.

A cop that uses social media as pretty much the only part of his job? Nope...not a life saving hero, but incredibly grateful for what I get to do and humbled by your thoughts.

Like I said in the beginning, I love the Shorty Awards and I will definitely be casting my nominations for the people that I think are the best of the best and I hope you all do the same!  Find the awesome people in your social world and let them be seen for what they do!


  1. Bravo. Very genuine, honest, truthful. Very touched & very moved.

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