Sunday, February 13, 2011

Distracted Driving - Happy Valentines Day

Monday February 14th...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I really hope you have taken the time to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them.  After all, Valentines Day is the day to do it.  In reality, if someone means something special to should tell them every chance you can.

Now, I'm not a specialist in relationships, psychology, sociology or anything like that, so I won't continue on the "tell them you love them" rant.  I will say, there is a really good reason that I'm suggesting it though.  There is a significant chance, it could be the last time you ever see them alive.

Do you have any idea how many people around us are texting, talking emailing, reading, eating or doing any number of "ing" things while they are driv-ing?

I see it everyday driving around...people using a device that has nothing to so with the task of driving a car.  Call it what you want; distracted, multi-tasked, inattentive, ignorant, unsafe, uncalled for...just don't call it safe or acceptable.  And I'm not the only one who sees it.  You see it too.  You probably complain about it and look at others with disgust and contempt when you see it.

Then you hope like crazy no one sees you when you take that 'important call'.  You hold your phone strategically in your lap so you can glance at the screen when the 'life and death' text message comes in.  You justify that there is an incredible value to the email that you have been waiting much value you read it while travelling 120 km/h...that email has more value than your life, my life, or the lives of everyone else around you.

Since February 1, 2010, Ontario Police have been able to lay charges for distracted driving.  In Toronto that has meant 16,708 charges in one year.  (Feb 1, 2010 to Feb 1, 2011)

According to studies that have been done, a driver who is texting increases the chance of being in a crash 23 X.  A driver who is talking increases their risk 4 X.

So, my suggestion for Valentines Day this year along with every day leading up to it and everyday after it...tell the people that are special in your lives how much they mean to you.  With a lot of people around you risking your life, its only a matter of time before the odds catch up to you.

If you are one of the people who are driving distracted...then hopefully when you crash it will only be minor.  Could you imagine how you would feel the rest of your life if you were responsible for killing someone on the most romantic day of the year?

Take a few minutes to watch this video about the REALITY of distracted driving.

Feel free to day to take the No Phone Zone Pledge.

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