Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Provincial Seatbelt Campaign

Traffic Safety continues to be a priority of the Toronto Police Service.

The 2010 Provincial Seat Belt Campaign, with the full support of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, is a combined public awareness and enforcement campaign aimed at getting more drivers and passengers to buckle up. Using seat belts is proven to be an effective way to reduce vehicle related injuries and fatalities.

Minister of Transportation, Kathleen Wynne, will be joined by Margaret Best, Minister of Health Promotion, O.P.P. Chief Superintendent Bill Grodzinski, Toronto Police Inspector Gord Jones and Safe Kids Canada, Kristen Gane.

Two students from Leaside High School, along with Minister Wynne will be spray painting a mural reminding motorists to “Buckle Up”, which will be hung at the kick off location.

It is estimated that, for every 1% increase in seat belt use, five lives are saved in Ontario every year.

The spring seat belt campaign will focus on drivers who fail to properly secure their children safely. Child Safety Seat clinics have shown that 80% of car seats are installed or used incorrectly.

All police officers will pay particular attention to the proper restraint of all vehicle occupants, including young children, by ensuring the proper use of child restraints.

Some of the offences Toronto Police Officers will be looking for are:

• Drive with seat belt removed/inoperative/modified
• Driver − fail to properly wear seat belt
• Drive while passenger under 16 fails to occupy position with seat belt
• Passenger − fail to properly wear seat belt
• Drive while passenger under 16 fails to properly wear seat belt.
• Fail to ensure infant properly secured
• Fail to ensure toddler properly secured
• Fail to ensure child properly secured

Seatbelt infractions issued by a police officer have a set fine amount of $240 and upon conviction drivers will be assessed 2 demerit points against their license.

For more information on Child Safety Seats, click here.

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