Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Out of Town Observations

I promised my wife that during this vacation, the only work I would do is studying for an upcoming exam...so don't let her know about this post.

We drove to Florida late last week, which I why I have been very quiet both here and on Twitter. During the 24 hour dive we got to see a lot of interesting sights and behaviours on the interstates.

Even our children got in on the, "What is that person thinking?" conversations that the adults in the front seat were having. The fact that children under 8 could identify mistakes that drivers were making is a clear indication that learning to drive starts with not only the habits we portray to our children, but the behaviours they recognize in other drivers as being wrong. And it starts long before the getting ready to grab the wheel age.

Think about it...seat belt use, speeding, signals and smooth inputs are something children can easily recognize from their seats.

What kind of example and future driver are you creating?

When we get back and I am done studying, I will be writing extensively about some of the things that I have been seeing...keep in mind we are in the the state that can boast 6% of the U.S. population and is number 1 in pedestrian and cyclist deaths across America.

Toronto cyclists have bike lanes to no where....Florida pedestrians have to contend with sidewalks to no where as well!

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