Friday, September 18, 2009

School Bus Safety

I was invited this week to view a video that had been sent to City TV that showed a serious traffic safety issue.

Michael Cardinal lives near the intersection of Eglington Ave E and Brichmount Road in Scarborough. He watched in horror daily as his children and many others got on and off the school bus, that is provided to ensure our children can get to and from school safely everyday, while drivers passed the bus and others at will.

Michael's video, shows drivers passing the school bus while the overhead lights were flashing, the stop arm was out and the children were getting off.

Farah Nasser of CityTV showed me the video and with the help of 41 Division Traffic Response Officers and Traffic Services Enforcement Group Officers we went to the location to have some fun!

One bus stopped - 4 drivers charged. The offence? Passing a school bus = $490 + six demerit points upon conviction.

City TV got their own video; first without the police, then with the police.

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